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Why Wear Vintage?

If you didn't know already, I love to wear vintage clothes! There's something truly magical about wearing clothes that have a story behind . And in a world of fast fashion its becoming increasingly more and more popular! Ages ago now we had a lecture at university about Make Do & Mend and the trend behind vintage clothing and for some reason it inspired me to talk about my love for vintage clothing!

I love that wearing vintage tends to mean that you don't end up matching other people. We all hate the idea of turning up to a party and finding someone else is wearing exactly the same outfit as you, but with vintage that's not an issue! Most pieces you find won't come in many sizes so its kind of hit and miss if it'll fit you. This can be an issue but it also means the likely hood of someone wearing exactly the same thing is very slim.

Vintage is actually really good for the environment! Wearing old or "pre-owned" clothes means that surprise surprise, they've already been worn before, so by wearing them you're stopping them from going to landfill. It also means that you're recycling clothes and giving them a new lease of life which can be great fun!

Another thing that I adore about vintage is the stories the clothes hold! I always wonder who wore the dress 1st, where they went and how it ended up being bought by me. Pieces can come from all over the world and its magical to think about the journey it must have taken to get here. Lots of dresses always get me thinking about how special someone must have felt wearing them. Most of them can't have been cheap so I wonder what occasion someone must have bought or made them for.

You can find some real hidden jems when searching through vintage clothes! Granted its not as easy as shopping in high street stores. You won't see most pieces in various sizes but that's half the fun! You tend to have to search through tones of clothes in order to find one that you love and fits you. But you'll never know what you'll find until you have a look!

Kilo markets have become a favourite of mine; there's quite a few that happen in Brighton which is so good! At these markets you search through tones of clothes and then weigh the clothes you pick out and pay accordingly to the weight. Granted it can be annoying when you find an amazing dress and then it weighs loads but you can get some real bargains and hidden jems.

I also love how you can breathe new life to some pieces. By wearing them with a fun jackets or colourful shoes you can create really unique looks and you can actually find some really modern looking pieces. A lot of designers take ideas from the past, so shapes and styles come round in circles. I believe style wise if you want to wear a 1940s dress with boots for example, why the hell not! Make it your own and let it give you a new sense of confidence.

For me the main thing I love about vintage shopping is that it can be so much fun! Whether its at vintage markets, shops or even in charity shops you can find some amazing pieces that can help express you!

I hope you've enjoyed hearing a bit more about my love for vintage and I hope that this has made you think about wearing vintage clothing too!

Best wishes,


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