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Vintage Clothes Market

Bill Cunningham once said "The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been & always will be."

This is definitely true in London! The other day I went to Brick Lane & found the most amazing underground vintage clothes market!

Vintage clothes and object shopping is something I have always loved as you can find so many amazing & unique items. It does take a lot more time & effort than shopping on the high street but it is definitely worth it as you can find one of a kind pieces! You've got to keep your eyes open to new ideas, colours and styles & then you can find some real bargains.

What I love about vintage markets is that you can find items from so many eras all in one place! It's like playing dress up! You can have a 1940s tea dress, then a 60s mini skirt next to a 80s jumpsuit. There's really no limit to what you will find! Just have your eyes open & be ready to try new things. 

Most importantly... have fun with it!

Best wishes,


Check out a few of my favorite stalls in the photos below!

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