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Unique places to visit in Brighton

There are so many amazing places to visit in Brighton! Honestly, I love studying by the sea in such a colourful city. To share a bit more about this amazing place and to continue on from a previous post talking about my Top 5 Places To Visit In Brighton, I thought I'd do a post sharing a few more unusual places to explore in Brighton!

The Marwood

The Marwood has become one of my favourite cafes to visit in Brighton! Its so unusal and different because of the way they've decoarted it. It's crammed full with unusal and cool objects; from Groot to a shark they have it all! Also their cakes and brownies are incredible.

Snoopers Attic

Snoopers Attic is one of my favoruite shops to explore in Brighton! Its above Snoopers Paradise which is such a cool shop but the attic is definitely my favourite part of the shop. You never know what treasures you'll find; it's like a treasure chest of vintage clothes, accessories and lots of other cool and unusal things.


Globall is at Brighton Marine and its so much fun! Basically its glow in the dark mini golf and they have two differnet courses; Jurassic, which is dinosaur themed and Tropicana, which is jungle themed. They also change it for different occasions, like Halloween and Christmas and the bright colours are so cool.

The Blackout Shop

The Blackout Shop is an amazing shop, that's jam packed full of colour! They have so many cool and unusal pieces that I find so inspring. I love going in there and searching through all the cute pieces and one day I aspire to make my house look like the shop as its full of so many fun and colourful things.

Artbox Cafe

The ArtBox Pusheen Cafe opened recntly and OMG it is amazing!! It's one of my new happy places, it's just all so cute! I love Pusheen so I was already in love with the cafe but the whole experience is amazing. Not only does the food look amazing but it all tastes incredible! They're currently redecorating it so I can't wait to go back and try all the new menu haha.

And those are just a few of my favourite unique places to visit! I hope that this blog has given you a few new ideas of where to go explore if you're ever in Brighton!

Best wishes,


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