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Recently Lily Collins (actress, model & all round sweetie!) released her first book, Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me.

For those who don't already know, in this book she talks about all the taboo things that lots of young women (and men) go through. She shares her own experiences and gives advice on what to do if you end up in a similar situation. Even though this book allows you learn a lot about Lily, it also helps you to learn a little bit about yourself too.

For me this book so inspiring! I really worry about being myself and most of the time I think too much about what others think about me, so it was lovely to be reminded that I'm not alone. Everyone doubts themselves and it was lovely to see someone "famous" admit there is more to their situations than meets the eye. It's so amazing seeing someone speak up about their insecurities and showing that they can be a strength.

One line from the book that will stick with me forever is "By understanding my tendency to overthink, I've learned that the most important person to please at the end of the day is myself." I think this is so true! You've got to learn (and it may be the hard way) that as long as you're happy, healthy and you've learnt to accept your flaws then that's all that matters. Sometimes the things that we hate about ourselves can be a strength once we learn to love and accept them.

So to all those that haven't already brought and read the book I so recommend this to you. It will remind you that we are never truly alone, you just need to learn to where to find a voice that will listen and guide you.

Happy reading,


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