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Top 5 places to visit in Brighton

Last weekend I came back to Brighton for my final term of my first year at uni! Can't believe my first year is almost over. I'm loving studying and living in Brighton, there's so much to explore and see! It's such an amazing place and I feel so lucky to be able to study here.

Now that I know my way round a bit more, I thought I'd share my top touristy places to explore!

North Laine

There are so many cool and unique shops in the North Laine's! The shops are amazing and so colourful. It's one of my favourite places to explore when I get a free day. You never know what you'll find when you go wandering. There's also loads of lovely cafes that serve amazing drinks and food.

Royal Pavilion

The Pavilion is such an interesting building, its so unique and stunning. There's so much history there, I love walking past it on my way to work. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures inside the Pavilion but I would definitely recommend visiting if you get a chance as it's simply stunning!

Brighton Palace Pier

The pier is such a typical place to visit but in the sun its stunning! The blue sky and the colourful sea are just so magical. I just find it so relaxing being surrounded by blue when walk along the pier. Can't wait to visit it more when it's warmer as it's freezing cold at the moment.

The Beach

I love walking along the beach. It's so peaceful and picturesque, especially when the sun is shining! You can't visit Brighton and not see the sea that's what I think, haha. The best time to go is definitely sunset as the horizon always looks stunning and I love the reflection of the light on the sea.

Sea Life

I love aquariums but Brighton's Sea Life is a little different; it's the oldest operating aquarium in the world, built in 1872! The building is Victorian and is just as impressive as the fish. It's so relaxing to just watch the fish swimming around and all the colours are so inspiring.

There are so many amazing and colourful places in Brighton that I would so recommend visiting. So if you ever get a chance to come to Brighton, go explore it all!

Best wishes,


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