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"The Oracle of Mystical Moments"

Hello lovely people!

I hope you guys are all staying safe and as well as can be in the current situations. The other week I started sharing photos of the outfit I created for my specialism project at univeristy and you guys had the most amazing reaction! Like seriosuly, I don't know what I'd do without you guys! I thought to give you more insight into the project, I'd write a blog showing the full look and sharing a little bit more about the inspiration behind it.

So my collection is actaully inspired by my mum, Jo Allen! She's a psychic and an angel card reader so that was the bases around the inspiration behind my project. The title of the collection, 'The Oracle of Mystical Moments', comes from my mums favourite angel card deck which also features the same name, and the designs featured on the cards were really inspiration for the collection; even my final line up was drawn like a deck of cards. The inspiration behind the style of the looks come from mixing traditional mens tailored outerwear, with womens gowns that have a soft flowing texture which is created using traditional rag rug techniques.

'1. Day & Night' Gown

The name of the gown, '1. Day & Night' comes the 1st card in the deck 'Oracle of Mystical Moments' which means"following your instincts" and "where there is shadow, there is also light". The colours of the dress are inspired by aura colours and aura photography as I'm fascinated with the meaning behind the different coloured auras and some day I really want to get my own aura photo taken!

The main body and texture of the gown is created by hand knotting thin strips of chiffon to a strong net base; the inspiration for this technique comes from traditional rag rugs. The technique is very repetitive and time consuming and in order to complete the whole gown I started knotting the dress at Christmas I finished it around the end of February, so it took nearly 3 months to knot the full gown. It also required a lot of fabric as in the end I used over 100 metres of chiffon!!

'Pocket Full Suhsine' Jacket

The name of my jacket is just a little bit of fun haha; the lining of the pockets are bright yellow, like the collar and therefore they are pocket full of sunshines! (Also that song is great and I couldn't get it out of my head while I was making the jacket haha!) The inspiration behind the jacket is traditional mens tuxedo jackets, so to go with that theme I styled the look with a mens top hat. The jacket is oversized and designed so that when worn with the dress, it looks as though the wearer has gone to a ball and then borrowed her dates jacket to wear on the way home (at least that's the story I like to make up).

Here are a few more imgaes from the magical shoot I did! A massive shoutout to the most amazing team that helped to create these stunning photos; thanks to Amy ( for the amazing photos, Claudia (@emeraldxcloud) for the insane makeup, Brandon ( for the magical flower crowns!

I hope you guys have enjoyed hearing a little bit more about this project! I put so much time into this project and I'm really happy with how the final outfit looks! Feel free to send me a DM or an email if you have any more questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know.

Hope you're all staying well!

Best wishes,


P.S. For enquires and details about outfit loans or collaborations email me at:

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