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Summer Fun With Nivea!

On Saturday the 12th of May, I was lucky enough to attend the Nivea "Choose to Mousse" summer event! The event was full of fun activities, yummy treats and lots of photo opportunities. So, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite bits with you!

When you turn up intentionally wearing the brands colours!

Personal Passport!

To go with the summer theme, when you arrived at the event you were given a personalized "passport". Inside on the first page was my face, haha! Felt very proud when I saw this! Also in this book was a list of challenges to complete during the event, the idea was that the more challenges you completed, the more prizes you could win.

Sweet Treats and Mocktails!

Nivea did an amazing job with their summer themed treats! They went all out with candyfloss, popcorn, hot dogs... do you feel hungry yet?

Obviously I had to get some pink candyfloss, as it's my absolute favourite and matches my hair! Another treat were these super sweet sugar coated "Nivea" donuts! You could also create your own ice cream creation, which was such a cool idea! I chose the prettiest sprinkles and yummy marshmallows for mine and it tasted absolutely amazing!

Also in traditional summer style they were serving delicious mocktails! I tried the strawberry mix and later a mojito, they were both incredible!

Balloon Creations!

As a kid whenever I went to a fair I always wanted a balloon! Well if I'm being honest, I wanted a Minnie balloon when I went to Disneyland in February so not much has changed there! So when I arrived at the event and saw people wearing the most amazing balloon creations I instantly knew I couldn't leave without one! Miss Balloniverse is insanely talented and she can create whatever you want from balloons; a unicorn, penguin, pineapple, you name it! Obviously I went for a pixie, I am porcelain pixie and all!!

Ball-pit Fun!

Being the big child I am, when I was told there was going to be a ball pit at the event I was sold! What could be more fun or summery to have at a blogger event! To add to the excitement, one of the challenges in the passport was to find your name on one of the balls in the ball pit. Unfortunately I never managed to find mine so I guess that's one challenge I'll never complete!

The event was to celebrate the release of their new product; body mousse! There are two scents; wild raspberry & white tea and the original. They're both amazing! Now I'm not just saying this because they invited me to the event, but I really am a big fan of these products! I love mousse products and this is such a good moisturizer.

So, I hope to attend more events soon and as always I hope you guys are all well,

Lottie x

Disclaimer: This blog post was not sponsored or paid for by Nivea, they were just kind enough to invite me to their event and I wanted to share what a great time I had!

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