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Summer Favourites

Next weekend I head off to university and I'm so excited! But this does means that summer is officially coming to an end. And what an amazing summer it's been; for once its been really hot in England which has meant it's actually felt like summer. So to celebrate this years magical summer, here are some of my summer favourites!

Fashion = Little Black Dress

This dress can be seen all over my Instagram this summer! I bought it in H & M and I'm obsessed with it! It's a little darker than what I normally wear but I love the shape and style of it. It's all been really comfortable to wear in the heat. I wish they sold it in more colours as it's definitely one of my favourite dresses; I guess I'll have to make myself one, haha!

Accessories = Handbag

I am obsessed with unusual handbags! I also love all things magical and Harry Potter themed so this bag is just the perfect blend for me. Truffle Shuffle were kind enough to send me this bag and I'm so grateful to them as it's definitely been one of my favourite bags to use this summer! It's the perfect size and shape to fit phone and purse in.

Photography = Instax

I love a good Instax photo all year round but this summer I went a little crazy with them. In the space of a couple of months I've ended up using 5 packets of film; that's 50 photos! They're just the perfect way to capture memories. I took my camera with me to Madamme Tussauds, on holiday, to meet friends and family... the list goes on!

Drinks = Unicorn Cocktails

Summer is the perfect time for cocktails and this year was no different but this time the cocktails were a bit more special than normal. My favourite drinks were pink, glittery and a little magical... they were unicorn cocktails! If you're going to have a drink why not make it a special one and you can't go wrong with a unicorn cocktail. I've written a blog post featuring a few recipes on how to make your own cocktails, so check it out!

Films = Incredibles 2

I love going to the cinema and this summer I've seen a lot of films! From Heathers to Oceans 8, I've seen loads of amazing films, but my favourite has to be Incredibles 2! Yes, I'm a child at heart but who doesn't love Disney! I've grown up watching the original Incredibles on repeat so it was amazing to watch what trouble the family are getting up to now. But my favourite character has to be Edna Mode! I feel like I've met so many people while studying/working in fashion that remind me of her so she always makes me laugh. And she's just the best!


So my final favourite has been the summer itself! The sun has been shining and for once its actually been amazing weather in the UK. I've had so much fun spending time in the sun with friends and family, exploring lots of amazing places and enjoying a bit of a rest! Next summer has high expectations to live up to, haha!

I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing a few of my favourites from this summer and now its time to bring on Autumn haha!

Best wishes,


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