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Starting University Q & A

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've posted on here but I've been super busy! I mean between moving to Brighton, starting university, starting work at a new store, unfortunately being in hospital for 2 days, then going home for 2 weeks to recover, coming back to Brighton, trying to catch up on my uni work and get everything done in time for my deadline, I've had very little time to sit and think, let alone write a blog!

Anyway sorry for the long rambling intro. To start getting back into the swing of things I thought I'd do a starting university Q & A! So let's get straight to it and answer some of your questions!

How are you finding the transition to living by yourself?

I'll admit I did struggle a little with learning to live on my own in halls. I come from a family of 5 people so going from that to being alone was odd. I know I'm not completely alone, I've got 5 amazing flat mates! But of course initially it's always going to feel a bit odd learning to live with strangers. But you've got to remember everyone's in the same boat and you learn to settle in to a new routine very quickly.

How are you enjoying uni?

I am loving loving uni so far! The course I'm studying is Fashion Design with Business Studies which is something I'm passionate about and that definitely helps as the course is a lot of work. Its really interesting doing the business side as that's something I've not really done before but its really useful. The whole experience so far has been insane! So much has happened and I've met a lot of lovely and creative people which is amazing.

Dorm decorating?

I'm definitely going to write another blog post about decorating my dorm as I've loved making it my own! It's been so much fun being able to express myself in my own space. But one tip would give is bring lots of pictures with you. Most rooms in halls have a pin board or you can carefully stick them on your walls. They help add a bit of colour and definitely make your room feel more like home.

How do you prioritise homework, friends, time to yourself ect?

I've definitely struggled balancing everything. I'm in uni most days 10-5 and then I work Saturday's which gives me very little time to do much else. With my course I also get set a lot of homework which is hard to fit in when you have very little free time. But I'm sure with time I will learn to balance everything. I've only been here just over two months so there's still plenty of time to figure everything out.

Was it hard establishing new relationships and meeting friends at uni?

I'm very lucky as I've got amazing flat mates and have met loads of lovely people on my course. It's so nice to be surrounded by so many creative people that inspire me. But it's always going to be odd at first meeting new people and making friends but as I keep saying everyone is in the same boat. Things definitely get easier with time.

So those are just a few of the questions I've been asked! Let me know if you guys would like me to do another one of these. I haven't really done Q and A's before but I've really enjoyed answering your questions!

Best wishes,


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