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My Placement Year


Hope you're all safe and well!

I'm just coming to end the end of my placement year and I've now moved back to Brighton for my final year of university eek! Its been a bit of a weird year with the pandemic and the various lockdowns and it didn't go exactly how I had planned but I have loved the experience all the same.

My 1st placement, which started almost a year ago now (where has that time gone!) was at Molly Goddard and I had the most amazing time working there! I have admired Molly's work for forever so I was so honoured to be able to join the team for three months and I was even lucky enough to have been asked back to work freelance a few times! The team are amazing and the experience working in the studio has helped me realise that that is the atmosphere I want to work in when I graduate. My role was in the atelier so I was helping with toiling, sampling, pattern cutting and running general intern tasks. I was lucky enough to make several final samples that were featured in the SS21 collection and made the shawl which was featured in the Bridal Collection.

My 2nd placement was at Unique Style Platform which is a trend forecasting company and for this placement I was working remotely from home during lockdown. Working remotely was weird at first but I got settled into it quickly. I think the weirdest thing about working remotely was I never actually met the team I was working with in person, only ever over zoom calls! My role here was researching trends from catwalks, social media ect and collecting images for the trend reports. I would then, using photoshop, help create the visual reports and upload them to the various sites. I also asssited with their social media as this is something I have an interest in and they kindly let me work on it with them.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing a little bit about my placement year and if you're thinking of doing internships I so recommend it: its an amazing way to gain skills in the industry and also meet so many interesting people! If you have any questions don't be scared to get in touch!

Best wishes,


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