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My Fashion Rules

Hey guys,

Recently I've been reading a little book called 'A to Z of Hollywood Style'. The book is full of lots of quotes regarding Hollywood style from costume designer, actresses and other iconic figures in Hollywood.

In the book one quote was a list of Joan Crawford's Fashion Rules. Joan was an american actress popular in the 1930s and 40s and had great style!

Her rules are as follows:

I thought this was a super cute idea so I've decided to create my own list of Fashion Rules.

So here it is, Lottie's Fashion Rules:

  1. Wear what makes you feel happy and confident

  2. Everyone is different, so our wardrobes should be the same

  3. Experiment with different colours/styles and use these experiments to find what suits you

  4. Inspiration can come from anywhere so keep your eyes open

  5. Have fun with your clothes as there are so many different styles out there

I so hope that you enjoyed this blog post!

Best wishes,


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