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London Fashion Week SS20

Can't believe it's already been a couple of weeks since London Fashion Week! It's always such a blur and sadly this season I was only able to attend one day of shows due to other commitments and the trains being a mess but that didn't stop me from having an amazing time when I was there!

It's all a bit of a blur if I'm being honest. It's always so difficult planning your schedule over LFW as shows can be all over London in diffrerent venues but this season I saw shows at Fashion Scouts new location, Victoria House. It was an amazing building but unfortunately proved very hot over the sunny weekend.

This season the shows I was lucky enough to see were:

Fashion Scouts One's to Watch; showcasing Gala Borovic, IA London, Studio Adaptive Skins and AV

Wear Polish; showcasing Acephala, Diligent and Pat Guzik

I Love Four Seasons

Constanzia Yurashko = presentation

Pam Hoggs

Pam Hoggs

All the shows were amazing but I think my favourite has to be Pam Hoggs! Not only are the clothes amazing but the atmosphere of the show is incredible! Its so much fun with everyone cheering on the models as they walked down the catwalk. All her models are various heights, genders, sizes, races and its amazing seeing them all modelling one collection. The colours of the show were amazing and I loved the Poodle and Dog Show theme; it was so bold and playful.

I Love Four Season

The I Love Four Season's show was full of so much sparkle and tulle! There were so many unusal and different textures mixed together and I loved the headwear acessories, they really added to the whole look of the outfits. The colours of the collection was so bright! One of my favourite looks was made of this amazing holographic fabric which looked incredible under the catwalk lights and the structure of the fabric made an amazing shape!

Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch

The One's to Watch show is always so interesting; there's such a wide mixture of designers and I love seeing all the different collections.This season they were showcasing Gala Borovic, IA London, Studio Adaptive Skins and AV. I have actually dressed IA London's past collections at the ON/OFF Show so it was amazing to see how their collection has grown and changed since then. But I found all the collections so inspiring and I loved seeing all the different styles in one show.

Wear Polish

For the Wear Polish show we actually ended up sitting Front Row which was so much fun! It was so cool to see the pieces so upclose and seeing all the details as the models walked past. The show was showcasing work by Acephala, Diligent and Pat Guzik and all the collections were amazing! I loved all the different contrasting colour combinations and the flowing material looked amazing as the models walked past us down the catwalk.

And there it is, that's my round up for LFW SS20! It's always such an honour to be able to attend so many inspiring shows and I really hope that next season the trains will behave themselves and I'll be able to attend more shows haha! I also love how LFW brings so many people and means you get to catch up with loads of people that you don't get to see often enough!

Best wishes,


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