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London Fashion Week, September 2017

Last week I was lucky enough to be a dresser at the On/Off show at London Fashion Week. This was my first fashion week experience and I so enjoyed it! It was crazy, I'll admit, but a lot of fun!

There were three designers at the show: Jack Irving, Luke Rooney and Caplanetwisle. Each designer has a very distinctive and unique style that looked even more memorizing in real life.

I arrived a bit early so had to wait outside the show. While I was waiting along with the other dressers, I was approached by a couple of photographers asking if they could take my photo. If I'd known I was going to have my photo taken I would have worn something better, haha! I had to wear all black as a dresser but next season I'll definitely make more of an effort! The photos came out really well, thanks to the amazing and talented photographers who took them. I've put the Instagram of the photographers below each photo.


Once I was inside the real hard work started! Everyone has their own job and they're very determined to compete their tasks in order to get everything done in time for the all important show. It is crazy seeing how many people have to work together to create a show that lasts around 30 minutes! The preparation needed is incredible! I don't think people realise just how much goes into a fashion show.


My role as a dresser was helping to get the models ready to go on the catwalk and helping backstage to make sure everything ran smoothly. I so loved helping out and also being noisy, seeing what everyone was doing! It's amazing how the models go from looking like normal people, with their hair throw up in buns to being dressed up in these amazing outfits with stunning makeup and hair.

The team was lucky enough to be able to watch the final show and it was amazing! It was super fun seeing other peoples reactions to seeing the clothes for the first time and the live band, Stereo Honey, made it even more of an experience. The clothes definetly capture your imagination.

Here are a few photos I took of Jack Irving catwalk. Unfortunately my photos of the other two designers didn't come out very well which is a pain!

Overall it was an incredible day and experience I'll never forget. I so hope that I can work at next seasons show too as it was such a great day that I'd love to be a part of again!

Hope you're all have a great week,


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