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Life's a Photoshoot

Last month I was lucky enough to meet Simona Aulicino (@simoaulicino on Instagram), who is an extremely talented photographer and real sweetie! While we spent the morning together she took some amazing photos of me on her 35 mm camera. There's something magical about using film cameras as you have no idea how the photos will develop.

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite photos on a blog!

We took the photos as we walked around Shoreditch, Brick Lane & Spitalfields; its such a beautiful place to take photos! There's a lot of street art, bold colours & some interesting buildings that added to the magical photos.

 I will without a doubt forever be posting and sharing these photos taken by Simona on my Instagram so keep your eyes out for them!And check out Simona's Instagram as she has takes stunning photos and has a real talent!

Best wishes,


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