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How to find inspiration


I thought I'd write a quick post about how finding inspiration for outfits.

I think that inspiration for new outfits and styles can really come from anywhere; you've really just got to keep your eyes open!

For me I think the best way to find inspiration is to create moodboards/collages from images that you can find online and in magazines. You can create these online using photoshop or on a app (eg pinterest) or you can print out the images and stick them on a sheet of paper.

From these images you can decide which features stand out to you, such as the shape of the neckline or the length of the skirt ect. This means when you look online or go to shops you have some ideas or key words that you can use to find similar items.

Remember to try to keep your eyes open as if you constrict yourself too much by trying to find the "perfect item" you might miss out on something else amazing.

Hope this post helps you out a little!

Best wishes,


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