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My hopes for my 20's

At the end of February it was my 20th birthday!! Crazy I know haha, can't believe I'm into a new decade but I know there are so many adevntures to come! To celebrate I thought I'd share 5 of hopes for my 20s; there are obviously loads of things that I hope will happen over the next decade but for now these are the ones that stick in my mind.

Travel More:

I really want to travel more as there's so many amazing places I want to explore! I'm hoping my placement year, which starts in August will offer me some opportunities to go abroad and go on my adventures as there's so much to see. I really want to go to America and Paris so it's a big dream of mine to be able to be able explore there!

Graduate from University:

If you didn't know already (where have you been) but I'm currently in my second year at University! Next year is my placement year and then the year after that will be my final year which is crazy; the course is just flying by! So one of my main hopes for my 20s is to graduate and create a final collection I am proud of and one that represents me and my design aesthetic.

Have fun with fashion:

I love playing around with clothes and fashion so I hope this is a passion that I will always have. Some may say my style is childish but I think its just fun and colourful; also who's to say what adults can and can't wear! I hope that as I grow up over my 20's I won't become more "sensible" with my fashion choices; I mean it's not something I see happening anytime soon, but who knows!

Create more:

I so hope that during my 20s I will get the opportunity to create more things! Whether that be clothes, blogs, photos ect I just want to keep being more creative and have fun playing around with different mediums. I love using my blog as one of my many creative outlets and I really hope I get more opportunities to be creative with it.

Be more fearless and take chances:

Anyone who knows me will know I love having everything planned but during my 20s I want to try more new things and sometimes just go for it rather than spending forever thinking it through and questioning it all. If an opportunity comes my way I want to be fearless and just go for it, as who knows what could come from it!

So those are a few of my hopes or whatever you want to call them for my 20s. I can't wait to see what this new decade holds and fingers crossed it won't disapoint haha!

Hope you're all well and sending lots of love!

Best wishes,


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