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How to Shoot Content at Home


Hope you're all safe and well!

Lockdown has meant that places to take photos are pretty limited, we can't go to the usual photo spots so people are having to get creative creating content at home. I've really been enjoying playing around with shooting content, so thought I would share some of my top tips for shooting at home when you have limited space and resources.

One of my favourite photos I've taken at home

Tip 1: Invest in good lighting

I know this can be limiting depending on your budget but I can't recommend enough investing in some good lighting! Lighting can change everything about a photo and it can really make all the difference with your content. Last year I treated myself to a ring light and its honestly the best thing! On the version I've got you can edit the level of warmth or brightness which is so helpful and I think the lighting definitely helps level up my photos.

Tip 2: Use a sheet for a plain backdrop

If you're like me and have limited space and have a lack blank walls to use as a good background, hanging up a sheet can help make the perfect backdrop! I know it sounds stupid but a sheet really can make a great backdrop if you hang it up over a wardobe or something. I've been using skirt hangers to hold the sheet up and then hook them over the top of my wardobe so it stays up. You can edit the colour of the sheet afterwards if you want or you can use the white colour to give it the photo studio vibes.

Tip 3: Use a timer

A lot of content I take at home I tend to do alone using my camera or phone as I don't want to bother my family or my housemate. My favourite way to take home photos is using a timer on my camera and I recently discovered this great setting where you can use voice recognitaion to take a photo, which makes it a lot easier than having to reset the timer everytime you want to take a photo. I know some people use a remote control which is another great idea!

Tip 4: Play around with using props

I find the best way to create "natural" looking images is to use props; whether its a disco ball, glass of wine or the classic, a handbag, get creative with what objects you have lying around your home. It can help you figure out what to do with your hands so the photos look less awkward and it can also add another point of interest to the final photos.

Tip 5: Experiment with different locations in the house

Lockdown has definitely made me become more creative with finding locations to use for shots inside and around my home. So far I used the back garden, my bedroom and recently the bathroom haha! It may sound kind of odd but the final images I've taken in there have been some of my favourite and its amazing what cool shots you can get when you play around with different locations.

Tip 6: Have fun!

When you have fun creating content you're proud of, it will also come across in your posts. Content you had fun with will always attract more people and also its always way better to have fun doing somehting you love! Enjoy what you're creating and experiment with different types of content. Just have fun and see what magic you can craete!

I hope these tips have given you a few ideas for your next home shoot and I can't wait to see what you create next!

Stay safe and best wishes,

Lottie x

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