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So today's blog post is a little different; I am launching something very exciting that I hope you will all be a part of it! I want to start a social media revolution and I'm calling it #HappyClothesRevolution !!

What is the #HappyClothesRevolution ?

I believe we all should be able to wear what we want when you want! Clothes can help you feel confident, powerful, sexy the list can go on and on and no one should have the power to make you feel any other way. It doesn't matter what your gender, your size, your colour or your age is, you can wear whatever the hell you want! Who gives a damn what other people think.

I always try to use my social media to share clothes that make me happy when I wear them and I hope that by sharing them they can make others happy as I truly do believe fashion has a way of making you feel confident and powerful. Clothes that make you happy are so important and fashion should be used to express yourself.

Social media can be so negative sometimes, so I want to spread a bit of positivity! There are so many amazing and inspiring people who need to showcase their style to the world, so I have decided to start what I'm calling a "Revolution" of sharing photos or videos of you wearing clothes that make you feel happy! I want to create a positive place for people to share their style without feeling judged.

How to be a part of the Revolution?

So to join in the revolution all you have to do is post a picture, video or whatever you want of yourself on social media in your "Happy Clothes"! Whether its an old picture where you were really feeling free or you just want to get dressed up in one of your favourite looks, share it! It doesn't matter your age, size, gender ect, whatever it is that makes you feel happy when you wear certain clothes why not share that and show people the real you.

Tag your posts with #HappyClothesRevolution and tag me in your posts as I will be sharing as many as I can; we need more positivity on social media!

Also if you can, please share this post or my Insta post, tell others about the Revolution and spread the message as everyone should be able to share their happiness!

I so can't wait to see what you guys share! This is something I'm so passionate about. Lets inspire a social media Revolution and show everyone that you can wear whatever the hell you want, no matter who you are!

Best wishes,

Lottie x

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