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Happy Dressers

Hello lovely people,

There are so many amazing and stylish people out there and today I wanted to write a blog dedicated to a few of my favourite "happy dressers"; people that use their style and outifts to express themselves and their fun personalities!

Iris Apfel

Iris is such an icon to me and she's exacty who I want to be when I'm older! I love her passion for life and the way she styles her clothes to bring colour and joy to the world. Her style is all about more is better; more colours, patterns and acccessories she loves it all! I adore all the bright bold colours and the mismatching patterns she uses to create fun striking outfits..

Ezra Miller

Ezra's style is incredible! I adore the way they express themself through unusal pieces and thanks to amazing styling, they use their clothes to create fun and bold characters that tell a story. Their looks give off the impression they have fun getting ready for events and enjoy playing around with different styles which is what fashion is about!

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan and their style just radiates joy! Their style is so bold and I love how they experiment by mixing so many different styles and textures. You can really tell they're using their clothes to express themself and are making a statemnet with their looks while still having fun playing around with different pieces. I think the outfits look even better thanks to Jonathan's amazing confidence!


I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing a few of my favourite "happy dressers"; I could have listed loads but I thought I'd leave it as my top 3 haha. Fashion is such a great way to spread joy and its all about having fun with your outfit choices and experimenting with different styles. Let me know who's styles inspires you!

Best wishes,


PS. Don't forget to join in the #HappyClothesRevolution

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