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Saying goodbye to 2020

Hello lovely people!

It's been a while since I've posted on here. I've been focusing a lot more on my photo and video content over on Instagram but I have not forgetten about posting on here too! We are now a week into 2021 and I thought to celebrate what will hopefully be a brighter year, I'd look back at 2020 and share some of my favourite photos I shared over the year.



To start the year off, in January I did a magical shoot with Ayla Carli (phographer) and Georgie Burdge (makeup)! It was such a fun day working with these talented ladies and we created some amazing photos that are so magical.


Febraury is my birthday month and to celebrate I did this super fun colourful shoot with Lauren Mabett. It was freezing cold in Brighton and we had to squeeze this shoot inbetween my uni work but I had so much fun working with Lauren and the photos were perfect to celebrate turning 20!


In March I was lucky enough to do another amazing shoot but this time featuring my own designs! It was amazing getting to work with Amy Davies (photographer), Claudia Haley (makeup) and Brandon Anthony (flowers) to get these incredible photos. Little did I know this would end up being the last professional shoot I did of 2020 thanks to covid!


In April, lockdown part 1 was in full swing so I began getting creative with how to shoot at home using the limited space I have available. This shot was inspired by the seashell crown I made using seashells I had found and collected over the years.


In May I was blonde for a week haha! I bleached my hair so I could cover up my roots and change my fringe colour to pink and I thought for a change why not leave it blonde for a bit! You guys seemed to love it and I will admit it was nice to have a change but I did really miss my pink hair.


In June I had a really creative month playing around with different places to shoot in the house. This was one of my favourites where I decided to dress up in all pink and sit in the bath! I also started playing around a bit more with editing which is where the sparkly wall came in; I wish my bathroom actually looked that cool!


I think this has to be one of my favourite photos from the year. My housemate helped me take it in our tiny "garden" and to add a bit more colour I decided to add these flowers and I think its really effective. This dress is one of my favourites and I hoping someday I'll find somewhere nice enough to wear it out of the house.


August was a lovely sunny month and I got to visit this amazing sunflower field with my family! It was so fun picking our own sunflowers and it was an amazing shoot location to get some fun summery photos.


In September I came up with the idea of setting up my very own fairy picnic! With the help of my family, I made some cakes and we carried all these bits and bobs upto the woods to set up the party. I'm really happy with how the photos turned out as it was an idea I'd had for a while.


In October I mixed up my hair colour again and dyed my fringe bright purple! Its always fun trying new hair colours and I love finding new ways to match my wardobe to my hair. I really love the purple and think it goes really well with the pink.


In November I did another woodland themed shoot with the help of my mum as the photographer! I treated myself to a new crown and it went perfectly with this fairy butterful dress so I had to do a fairytale woodland themed shoot featuring them both.


In December, Christmas was a little bit different from what we expected but that didn't stop me getting in the festive mood doing a countdown to Christmas on my feed inspired by different Christmas songs! With 5 days to go this post was inspired by Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande and it ended up being one of my favourite photos from the countdown.


And there is it; 2020 in 12 of my favourite photos. I can't wait to continue being creative in 2021 and I'm looking forward to whatever is next for Porcelain Pixie!

Best wishes for the new year,

Lottie x

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