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Disneyland Paris Essential

On Saturday I'm heading to Disneyland Paris for the 1st time and I really can't wait!! To share my excitement I thought I'd write a blog about what I'm packing in my suitcase as my "Disney Essentials"!

Minnie Mouse Ears!

So lets get started with the exciting stuff; my Minnie Mouse ears!! My ears are from Luby & Lola, and I'm so happy with them! I chose a custom made pair that are pink fluffy with a blue bow. When I saw the fluffy pairs on her Instagram I just had to get my own pair! I also ordered a basic pair of ears as my old pair were meant to be for kids so they didn't fit very well. Then Lola was kind enough to send me another pair of ears that are black sparkly with beautiful pink/cream flowers, and I'm obsessed with them!

Jewellery & Hair Accessories!

I've also packed quite a few pieces of jewellery and hair accessories that all fit in with different characters. Can you guess what fits with which character? I've collected the jewellery from various places. The Beauty and the Beast necklace is from TheWilyFox, the big bow from Tesco, the starfish clip is from eBay and I made the character pendants myself.


My bag wouldn't be complete without my makeup! I've packed the basics like mascara, an eyebrow kit, powder ect but I've also got the more exciting things like highlighter, lipstick, eye shadow and glitter! How could I visit Disneyland and not bring along a little bit of sparkle with me?


Knowing me, I'm going to take A LOT of photos, so not only am I bringing my Canon camera (and my phone) but I'll also be bringing my Instax Polaroid camera. I'm packing a couple of packets of film for it as I really don't want to run out whilst there!

Of course I've also got the essentials of toiletries, shoes and clothes but you'll have to wait and see my outfits in another blog post - or on my Instagram!

I really hope you've enjoyed this blog and I can't wait to share all my photos with you when I get back!

Best wishes,


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