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Christian Dior; Designer of Dreams

As I'm writing this post I'm stuck on an extremely slow and busy triangle back from London. I've just seen the Dior exhibition at the V&A and my mind is spinning with ideas so I thought I'd them into a blog post.

The exhibit is incredible!! There's over 200 garments in the exhibit ranging from 1947 when Dior first launched, to their recent collections. They're split into a few different areas;

  • The New Look

  • The Dior Line

  • Dior in Britain

  • Historicism

  • Travels

  • The Garden

  • Designers for Dior

  • The Ateliers

  • The Ballroom

My favourite has to be The Garden room. All the pieces are inspired by flowers and they're simply stunning! Not only are the dresses incredible but the room they're in is decorated with mesmerising paper flowers that hang from the ceiling. The amount of work that must have gone into creating them is insane!

The last room was set up like a Ballroom, which was another one of my favourites. If you didn't guess from the title and not only were the pieces beautiful gowns but the room was set up like a ballroom. There were different lights and projections that really added to the atmosphere. It changed from day to night and if you sat there it was amazing to watch all the different colours and the way the lights caught the gowns.

Another room was set up a bit like a jewellery box, with different sections and was full of cotton toiles. Toiles are the dresses you make in a simple fabric before making the final garment so you can work out different design features. As someone who's studying fashion it was amazing to see how even Dior's pieces start off as a simple toile. It's incredible to see all the work that goes into their designs behind the scenes.

Towards the end of the exhibit they had a rainbow corridor. The case showed a variety of objects from shoes, handbags to miniature dresses and final garments. They'd all been displayed beautifully in a rainbow of different colours. The objects varied in age which is so nice to see how Dior has changed and all the different styles from over the years.

I've studied Dior a lot so it was amazing getting to see their iconic pieces, like the Bar Suit, up close! I've look at loads of photos of them but there was the real things right in front of me. It's so much better getting to see garments in real life! Dior is one of my favourite designers; I love how timeless they are. Their pieces always have the most amazing detailing. I found it so inspiring seeing how each of the 6 artistic directors have expressed their individual style but still keeps the feel of such an iconic brand.

I booked my ticket way back in November as I really wanted to see the exhibition! It started in February and runs till September at the moment but they may extend it further. Unfortunately it's currently sold out but I think they're gradually releasing more tickets so keep an eye out! You can find all the info here.

Hope you guys have enjoyed hearing a little bit more about the Dior exhibition! I hope to visit more inspiring exhibitions soon.

Best wishes,


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