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Decorating a dorm room

So I have officially moved out of my flat / dorm room in Brighton which is crazy, time has just flown by! Seems like just the other day I was sorting out my stuff, getting ready to move in. I've loved decorating my room and being able to express myself in the way I decorated it.

The fact I've just moved out, means that new people are getting ready to move into dorms, so I thought to help you guys out I would share a few tips on how to make a dorm room feel like your own!

Bedsheets & Cushions

I definitely recommend coloured or patterned bed sheets along with fun cushions. They're a great way to help add a bit of colour to your room and you can definitely use them to express your personalities. Also lots of cushions make your bed extra comfy, haha!


I love a good a plant! They look so cute ones lined up along a windowsill or on a shelf. I love fun plant pots like the swan seen in the photo. But be warned some plants need more care than others. So if you struggle to keep plants alive, cacti are a great option as they only need watering once a month.

Fairy lights

I'm a sucker for fairy lights! They just make a room feel magical and can add a bit of light to even the darkest of rooms. I put them all over my room; they were literally everywhere, it was like they were taking over! These lights are my favourite as the have little pegs on them which you can use to clip up pictures.


Dorm rooms tend not to have much storage. So with my large collection of clothes I knew the wardrobe just wasn't going to be enough room and I was right! Due to the lack of storage, I bought myself a rail to store my clothes on. Not only is it practical but I think it looks super cute too,!

Pin board

I loved having a huge pin board in my room! Its lots of fun finding images to pin up! I tried to fill mine with photos from photo booths and cards I've been sent. I loved making it personal and its so cool looking up at the photos and seeing lots of friendly faces.

I hope you guys enjoyed having a look at my dorm room and that my tips help you guys out! I kind of miss it already and it feels so weird that I've moved out but can't wait to move into a house with my friends end of August!

Best wishes,


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