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Brighton Colour Walk

Lat weekend I attended the 1st Brighton Colour Walk! It was bascially an amazing group of colourful people that gathered together, took A LOT of photos and then wandered through Brighton's Lanes. I had the most amazing day and I don't think I stop smiling ; it was amazing being surrounded by so many talented people!

The colour walk remided me of why I love living in Brighton! They do also do walks in London but where else would you get so many colourful people gathering together just to soak up all the colour! People had travelled from all over to come join in the fun and it was so cool hearing everyone's stories. I knew a few people through Instagram (the magic of social media) like Rosie, Florent and Cansu so it was so lovely to finally meet them all in person and spend the day together. I also got to meet lots of other creative, talented people and I so hope to see them all again soon.

It was so inspiring seeing people of all ages having fun and showing that fashion really is wearing whatever the hell you want! It reminded me of why I started #HappyClothesRevolution; to remind us just how unique we are and to showcase all the amazing style there is out there.You can wear whatever you want and there will always be a group of people that like the same things and that you fit in with; you've just got to find your tribe!

Here are a few very colourful photos from the day! Can't help but smile when I look at them and I hope you enjoy them too!

Keep your eyes out for the next Colour Walk as I will definetly be doing all I can to be there and I hope to see you there too!

Best wishes,


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