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Breaking The Fashion Rules

There are so many rules out there, and personally I think that anything that restricts you from wearing something you want is ridiculous and life is too short for that! So I thought I'd do a blog post breaking all the fashion rules!

1. Sequins Are For Evening Wear

Oops... I've broken this rule A LOT! I love a little bit of sparkle and sequins are a staple in my wardrobe but I don't really pay attention to what time of day it is when I wear them. Life is too short, not to wear a little bit of glitter!

2. Don't Mix Pink And Red

Now this is a rule that personally, I love to break! Red is one of my favourite colours and with pink hair it's kind of hard not to mix the two together. I think they look amazing together and I love the contrast between the two!

3. Bag And Shoes Must Match

I have never seen this as a rule, it's just really stupid if you ask me! I have no idea where you'd even be able to get matching bags and shoes, haha! Most of the time I tend to wear my Dr Marten boots as they're so comfy and none of my weird shaped bags match them.

4. Red Lipstick Is Only For Evenings

Red lipstick is one of my favourite things to wear! It makes me feel sophisticated and like I've completed my outfit. And yet again I don't tend to let the time of day dictate when I wear it as I love to wearing it!

5. Don't Show Your Bra

This rule seems very out of date. There's such a wide range of bras and bralette's out there and some just have to be shown off haha! Sheer tops can add some amazing layers to a outfit and bralette's can make the cutest tops sometimes.

6. Tall Women Shouldn't Wear Heels

Um if I want to wear heels, I'm going to wear heels!! I'm almost 6 foot so wearing heels does make me extra tall but they also make me feel incredible! So it really doesn't matter how much taller they make me. Your height shouldn't dictate what you wear!

I hope this post has shown you, you don't have to follow anyone else's rules when it comes to fashion; wear what makes you happy!

Best wishes,


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