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Blogosphere Awards 2019

So last week was pretty extraordinary! A week today, last Thursday night, was the Blogosphere Awards 2019 and it was an incredible evening. Not only was it an amazing event but I was lucky enough to win the "Network Member of the Year" award!! I still can't believe it (even though the award is staring at me as I write this)!

Anyway when I accepted the award, I gave what I think was the worst speech of the night haha. I was so nervous I kind of blanked out, so I have no idea what I said but I know it wasn't great! I think I mentioned something about wearing impractical shoes but I was shaking so much all I could think about was not falling over as I walked up to the stage. I didn't think I would win so I didn't plan anything but I kind of wished I had as there's so much I wish I'd said and so many people I wish I'd thanked!

I thought to redeem myself I'd write a speech redo! So here it, the speech I would have given if I hadn't completely freaked out!

"Wow! Honestly I can't believe I've won this award! Just to be nominated was a complete and utter honour: the other nominees are amazing! I've been lucky enough to spend the evening with two of the girls, Emma and Summer, they are so sweet and talented.
I still can't believe I'm here, surrounded by so many inspiring, creative people; it's honestly like looking out at my Instagram feed! It feels crazy to be in the same room as you all.
I wouldn't be here without the amazing support from my family. A huge thank you to them for putting up with me when I ask them to take "just one more picture" and I hope they see now that its not for nothing. I have to give a special thank you to my mum who's always been by my side cheering me on. She's the one who inspired me to start my blog, so I wouldn't be here without her!
And lastly a huge thank you to all of the Blogosphere team! They are truly some of the most lovely people I know! They've been so supportive and to have them give me this award makes it mean so much more! Oh also I feel like now is a great time to remind you all to sign up for the Blogosphere Network; who knows what opportunities will come from it, haha!
Thank you!"

So that's what I like to think I would have said if I had kept my cool; I'm so surprised I didn't start to cry haha! Honestly this award is probably the greatest achievements of my blogging career so far and I hope it is only the beginning! It's made me so inspired to write more blogs and create more content. And now I've finished uni for the summer it can be one of my main focuses which is so exciting! I hope you'll stick around to see what I create next.

And before I go I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you reading this! The love you guys have given me over the last couple of days has been insane, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love and support means the world!

Hope you're all well!

Best wishes,


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