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Backstage at LFW

London Fashion Week always comes and goes in a blink of an eye. It's such a insane and busy week and this season managed to get ill with a cold but I still powered through, haha! I thought I'd share a bit more of the behind the scenes of LFW by writing a blog talking about working backstage at the ON/OFF Show.

I've been lucky enough to work at the ON/OFF show for 4 seasons now as a dresser. Each season is always different and a crazy experience. It can be quite stressful but I always come away loving the experience. The role of a dresser is to dress the models and help out backstage. You spend most of the day on your feet running round sorting out lots of different things but its great fun seeing what goes into a show.

This season the On/Off show had 6 designers:

Longshaw Ward

Colin Horgan

Daniel Pascal Tanner

Jimmy Paul

IA London


I always love getting to see the outfits up close as you don't get that when they walk down the catwalk. I like being nosey and try to spot all the small details, obviously without getting in the way of everyone. Also as someone studying Fashion Design I really like seeing the designers at work and seeing their visions come onto life. It's so interesting as everyone works differently.

There's always a mad rush before the show where everyone is panicking about getting everything ready in time. But everyone works together to get the models out onto the catwalk and the show is always amazing. I love being able to watch it and spot all the models I helped get ready. It's also so fun hearing all the other peoples reactions as this is the first time they're seeing the looks!

Next season I definitely want to try work at more show's to see how they work too.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing a little bit more about working backstage. Next time you see runway photos think about all the work that has gone into getting the models on the catwalk.

Best wishes,


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