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African Inspired Project


I've decided to do a little post talking about my latest college project!

The brief was to create a African inspired evening/occasion wear so I decided to create a bralette style top with a matching floor length large skirt.

The top has a low cut v shaped neckline with frill decoration around the bottom edge and on the straps. At the back, its fastened by a row of hook and eyes, just like a bra is.

The skirt has a v shaped yoke that mirrors the bralet's neckline. It is floor length and gathered along the yoke to create a large shape (this makes it great fun to walk!)

I also managed to line up the bows on the fabric down the middle of the top and skirt so that it flows when you look at it.

I hope that you like the post as I made create fun doing this project at college!

Best wishes,


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