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A month of Adventures!

February was one hell of a month! It was non stop but so many magical things happened! So to celebrate an action packed couple weeks, here are a few of the amazing things that happened in February!

University Interviews

To kick the month off I had two University interviews; one at Norwich University of Arts and another the University of Brighton. I've been offered conditional places at both which is very exciting! The interviews also meant I got to spend the rest of the day enjoying visiting these magical cities.

Disneyland Paris!!

One of the best things that happened in February has to be finally visiting Disneyland Paris! It was freezing cold and snowed a lot of the time I was there, but was still a magical trip. I have always dreamt of going, so it was amazing to finally be able to explore 'The Happiest Place on Earth'!

London Fashion Week

Straight after getting back from Disneyland, I was lucky enough to work as a dresser backstage at the ON OFF show at London Fashion Week. It was so much fun to be invited back to work at the show, and once again I loved being part of the team.

Lily Collins

Another very exciting thing is that I finally got to meet the lovely Lily Collins, for early birthday, celebratory tea! We've been talking on Instagram for years, so it was magical to finally have a chance to talk face to face! And you've got to love a good cup of tea, so that was an added bonus, haha!

18th Birthday

To finish off the month on a high note I turned eighteen! To celebrate I went to the Ritz with my mum for afternoon tea, which was so special. It's been eighteen magical years so far, and it was lovely to have a day to celebrate that with one of the people who has made me into who I am.

There were a lot of other magical moments in February, but these were a few of my favourites that will surely stay with me. I can't wait to see what adventures are to come in March!

Best wishes,


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