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6 Ways To Add A Little Happiness To Your Life!

They say "a life without happiness is no life at all". We all need happiness in our life; to live and to function; we're humans after all! 

So to spread a little happiness, here are 6 ways to add a little happiness to your life!

1. Stop caring what other people think!

This is definitely easier said than done; humans are meant to care. But just remember, you don't have to take what everyone says to heart. If someone says something to you, try to remember they're only words and they don't have power unless you give them it. When you stop caring what other think it lifts a weight off your shoulders and gives you a sense of freedom.

2. Be unapologetically you!

If you're tall, don't apologise for that. If you need time for yourself, don't apologise for that. If something makes you happy, don't apologise for that. There really is no point apologising for what you can't change or for what makes you, you! Instead use your time wiser and focus your energy on something that's more important. If someone doesn't like who you are that's their problem, not yours!

3. It's okay to say no!

I only learnt this recently from a close friend but it really is important! If everything is becoming too much and you're taking on too many responsibilities, it's okay to take a step back and say no to an opportunity. If you say no, you'll feel that a huge weight has been lifted and it'll allow you to have more time to focus on yourself and your passions!

4. Create a happy bubble!

Surround yourself with those you love and care about. They can lift you up, support you and create what I like to call a "happy bubble"! Don't let anyone pop this bubble (they're stronger than they look!), instead try to spread your happiness to let others join in the fun. After all they do say happiness is contagious!

5. Banish negativity!

Negativity doesn't help anyone! It just grows into a huge monster and spreads causing everyone to waist their time and energy. Instead of helping feed this negativity, why not try to spread a little kindness! If someone approaches you with negativity, don't fight back, just let them swim in their negativity and instead you can continue in your bubble!

6. Add a little laughter!

Life is a lot more exciting when you add a little fun! Laughter is good for your soul and body. It also makes you feel great about yourself! Make the time in your day to laugh and smile about the little everyday things, instead of taking yourself to seriously. A little laughter goes a long way and trust me, it helps you feel a lot lighter!

Have a happy day,

Lottie x

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