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3 ways to wear glitter shoes

These shoes from Rocket Dog, are my absolute favourite at the moment! We all need more sparkle in our life and these shoes are definitely the perfect way to add some sparkle to a outfit.

You can dress them up & wear them out or wear them casually when your days need a little extra sparkle.

So here are 3 ways to wear these super shiny shoes!

With more sparkle!

This is my personal favourite look as in my books you can never have too much sparkle! I've paired the shoes with a sequin dress from Topshop, which I put over a simple black t-shirt to keep me warm and then I put a large belt round the middle. Over the top of all that, I wore a oversized berry pink fur coat. Then I accessorised with a pair of acrylic holographic glitter earrings and a pink lipstick to match the coat!

With a Summer Dress

Spring is just around the corner & this look is perfect for when it gets a bit warmer.

The dress is a vintage summer dress I found in a charity shop and I paired it with a classic black blazer and a very holographic mermaid bag. A blazer is such a good way to layer up on these colder days; it means you can wear some pieces from your summer wardrobe when it's a bit colder.

With a Slip Dress

This look is simple but effective. I paired a black oversized vintage slip dress with a simple white t-shirt underneath to help show off the lace detailing round the neckline. To create a interesting silhouette I wore a large belt round the middle. I also accessorised this look with my favourite bag which is from Skinny Dip; it's pink and fluffy with a pearl handle which is just perfect!

Hope you guys have enjoyed my lookbook! I've had a lot of fun creating it, so I definitely want to do another one soon.

Best wishes,


Disclaimer: The glitter shoes were kindly gifted to me by Rocket Dog.

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