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1950's project

Recently at college I finished a project in which I had to create a 1950's dress. This dress is being used in the colleges performance of the "Pajama Game". I've decided to write a blog about what a project like this involves.

First I had to research the project and the time period its set in. This for me involved watching a lot of 50's films and falling in love with the era all over again! Its definitely one of my favourite styles.

Then I had to start creating a design. This is done in three steps: step one is doodling initial designs, step two is developing four of the initial designs further and then for the final step I chose and created a final design.

From there I had to make a pattern and once it was complete I could make a toile (a basic copy in cheaper fabric) to make sure that all the pieces fit together and that it looks good.

Once the toile was complete and I knew the pattern worked it was time to buy the fabric and create the final dress!

After the dress was finished I modelled it for a quick photo shoot so I could get a few pictures for my portfolio. Then the girl who is wearing it in the performance got to try it on and I could make the adjustments needed for it to fit her perfectly.

And this is how most of my college (real fashion business) projects work and how it goes from a brief to an actual dress! There are definitely a lot more steps that go into a dress than meets the eye!

I hope you've found this interesting!

Best wishes,


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